Friday, August 04, 2006

Latest Update on my Life

It's been a very long time, way way too long, since I spent time updating my blog. Am I just too lazy to update regularly? Just can't remember how to log in? Have nothing interesting to day? Probaly all of the above.

In either case alot of changes have occured in my little painful corner in the 8 months or so since I last posted. First, lost my job, (YEAH!) was unemployed, tried to sell Rexair Rainbow systems (great system, too much false advertising for the job part of it, will explain this later), went on UI to pay the bills, find a new job, doing Dell Tech support directly for Dell instead of a mismanaged, micromanaging out sourcer. Working for Dell directly, without the 'middleman' is much much better. Not only that, I am doing hardware support for businesses, not whinny consumers who can't understand why surfing 24/7 for porn and free stuff fills their systems with adware/spyware and viruses. Yeah, I love my new Job! Have to admit though, after starting this new job, learned that Dell systems are much better put together than I originally thought. Nice shrouds to funnel the air through system components, case edges bent over or filed down so you don't massacre your hands trying to remove a harddrive, nearly completely screwless both inside and outside the case (no worries about dropping a tiny screw into the case and having it roll underneath the motherboard and it won't come out no matter how you shake the case). If you can't build or fix a system yourself, deffinitely buy a Dell and get as many years of hardware warrenty you can afford. Deffinitely won't have to worry about not getting the hardware fixed if it fails.

Back to Rainbow systems. These combination air cleaners/vacuums are really impressive machines, deffinitely worth the cost for households who's members have any sort of allergies or breathing problems (or just can't stand a speck of dust on anything). It's worth it. What I didn't like was apply for an advertised job that stated a dollar amount as a salary but learning they don't pay the salary at all, but expect you to sell enough systems to make the commission bigger than the salary anyway, so you get the largest of the two. Yet, they expect you to find all your own 'leads' (people willing to have you do the demo of the machine in their homes). Boss kept promissing to give me some leads to get me started, never gave me a single one, even had the margeting manager offer me one only to have him veto it, while I was standing RIGHT THERE! Not to mention he wanted meeting with the full timers every single day, except Sunday, then cancels half of them without notiftying you ahead of time. I decided I didn't have the time or desire to wonder around knocking at doors in a City I don't know so well, and giving out scratch cards for them to scratch for a prise (of course, to get they prise they need to have a demo done). Being female, wondernig around at night in the middle of winter freezing my ass off and risking myself to hand little scratch cards only to half 99% or more not bother trying to collect the prise, just wasn't worth the time needed.

Anyway, even though I think the system is awsome, it just wasn't worth the risk to myself personally, to go door to door trying to get people to call and mention my name when they win a price they can't collect, unless they have a demo done. Well that is over and done with and I like my new job better.

On a nicer side, my efforts at breeding crested geckos is going well. Now to just find some buyers so I can sell the babies.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Stop Spamming my Blog!

I certainly don't mind comments and everybody who wishes to leave commnets, but don't leave spam as your comment.

Raven vs Pigeon

Interesting occurance while I was on break at work. A very large raven attacked and pursued a pigeon from the air to the ground. Once it was on the ground, the raven proceeded to cripple the pigeon's wing, so it couldn't fly, pinned it down and proceeded to pluck a great deal of the pigeons feathers. I am quite sure the raven would have then killed and eaten the pigeon but a coworker decided to interrupt the raven at his work and chased it away. The pigeon, apparently not as dead as I first thought, fled into a crack between the sidewalk and the side of the building where i am assuming it will die from it's injuries. The raven flew off and probably searched for other food elsewhere.

Thought this was an interesting occurance.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Mick Jagger is a Nice Dode

About a month ago, the Rolling Stones came to the city. Though I wanted to go see them but of course I worked that day, I always seem to work on days when something fun comes along. Anyway, a friend mentioned his daughter was visiting her grandparents during the night Mick was in town. The grandparents lived not to far from the stadium the Stones were playing. KNowing many people going to see the band were going to be walking down the street on the way to the stadium, the daughter decided to sell some lemonaid. It was a hot day and evening. Apparently, a limo pulled up and out came Mick Jagger who bought several glasses of lemonaid, donated some money to the cancer fund (I think she was also taking donations for that charity organization) Good old Mick left money for the charity and some guitar picks for the granddaughter.

Though the person wasn't anybody I really know, the story was cool to hear. To think a big rock star would stop at a roadside lemonaid stand to buy something to drink and leave a donation for charity at the same time.

Just a little appendum, I know I have shamefullly neglected my Blog, it being months and months since my last post. I am going to do my best to post at least once a week, if not more often. Maybe I will bitch more about work and get it off my back. I could use stress relief. Not going to get into it now, that is for other posts.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ticks and Mites Oh My!

Late in Febuary I bought a bunch of snakes at a reptile show, a rainbow boa, ball python and corn snake. All great snakes, all adjusted fine to their new home, ate well etc. Perfert. Then I noticed my ball python was soaking in his water dish. First I thought, maybe he was in shed again and I haven't been keeping the humidity up high enough, Then I noticed the small black specks. Great, he has ticks or mites. No biggy, there are several reptile safe sprays out there now to use. SO off to the petstore I go, they didn't have any in stock. Ok, I live in a big city with about 10 different petstores chains. Went to every one in a half hour driving distance, not a single one had any tick spray. The closest nibble was one who didn't have it in stock at the time. Ok, will wait the few days, but did they get it in, no of course not.

Ok, by this time, I was worried the ticks would spread to my other snakes. I checked, and sure enough, the corn and rainbow had them. Great. Just fucking great. Did some search online, found a great article on how to remove ticks. Found out most products are useless. Others are too toxic and most don't kill the ticks because their shells are very thick and the sprays don't penetrate. Ok, I could go to the vet and get a shot...but that's three snakes and possiblely 4 geckos as well. That's alot of money, money I don't have. So, will follow the other steps I found online. They involve soaking the reptile in luke warm water with betadine mixed in. Ok, soaking is doable, and betadine isn't too hard to get and not very expensive. Soak reptile, put in pillow case, now to clean the cage and environment. Lets see, wash with hot soapy water to drown mites. Disinfect cage with strong bleach solution, for 10 minutes, to kill germs that ticks/mites can carry. Ok done. Put cat/dog flea/tick collar into cage, seal up and let sit for three hours. Air out completely. Thank the gods that I don't have wooden cages...or furnature..much, much more work involved in that.

So, spend entire afternoon and early evening doing all this, washing and cleaning the shelves etc to ensure everything is as tick/mite free as possible. And I may have to do the same process over again once or twice in the next 2-6 weeks to completely rid my reptiles of ticks and mites.

Next time I buy a reptile, it's getting a complete washing, soaking etc, to kill any mites it may have before it has a chance to spread to my other animals. And hear I thought ticks/mites were only a problem with wild caught reptiles, not captive bred.

If only I had another place, then I could have just flea bombed the entire apartment, let it air out a day then come back with my animals, but unfortunatley I can't do that. None of my local relatives like reptiles. Sigh.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Something I need to get off my Chest!

I am sure alot of people will hate me for this but...I don't care! I just have to say it.

"Ding dong the Pope is dead"

Not that I particularly hated the guy, but I am no fan of the Roman Catholic Church. They are such a closed mindied incriminating money laundering religion that I can't stand them. Sure I know people of the faith that I like, but they are non-pushers. Besides, I don't believe in God or Jesus..other than Jesus was some prophet that knew how to write a book. A book that these days, is interpreted however anybody chooses, and most seem to follow what they want out of it and leaving the rest to rot.

However, a new Pope will be elected, voted or however they decide to choose one. For all I know, they use a prayer marathon to choose, whoever still stands at the end, is Pope..

That's all I have to say on the subject...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I Hate Febuary

For the shortest month of the year, Febuary still remains my most heated month. I seem to always be darkest in spirit, laziest and most likely to call in sick in Febuary than any other month. Fortunately, it's over and we are into March, when I always feel older. But March has the charming advantage of being the month of Spring though up here in snowy Canada you would think we are back in December. Had over a foot of snow dumped on us Monday night, and now it's back to being freezing cold, so cold that any man stepping outside feels like a woman and women feel freaking cold. But, the sun is hotter when it shines and it feels nice when wind isn't blowing 30km/h creating a windchill in the -20's.

I am sure all you Americans are thinking 'but isn't it snowing in Canada all the time?" Well, go read a fucking book. Canada isn't buried in snow year around, in fact most northern states have the exact same kind of weather as southern Canada. We don't live in igloos (only the Inuit do that and they live almost as far away from me as I do from Florida). In case you yanks haven't noticed, Canada is HUGE. We are bigger in size than just about every other country in the world. (I think only Russia is larger, or at least it was when it was still the USSR).

Oh and I also feel our PM was nuts when he didn't agree to support the USA with the Space defense program. Stupid idiot, didn't vote for the twit myself.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Blue Beast Passed!!!!!!!

Yes, the Blue Beast passed her emissions test, such a nice little car she is. Yes, she's a car, a 2002 Honda Civic to be exact. Moved to a city where it was manditory to have an emissions test each time you renew your license plates. Oh joy oh bliss.

Why is it you pay more to renew your license the further south you get? (In Ontario, Canada, anyway). Last year, I paid $34 for year, this year, I have to pay $78 dollars. Does that make any sense? If I had known that it wuold cost me for one year here, what I paid for two years where I used to live, I would have renewed for two years last year, instead of one. Only reason I wanted just one year, was the novety of having my birth date on my lisence plate. How often does that happen?

Noticed no comments about the BBBB book, shame on you! All you BDSM'ers out there, need ot have this book in your personal library.